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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that you will never be personally forced to have to go and defend that, and take a minute and that. >> tunnel to thanks for watching. welcome to hannity, this is a fox news alert, a second american hostage held by isis has been beheaded by a member of the terror network, a new video posted online, appears to show the execution of u.s. reporter steven sotloff and also developing tonight a former pentagon official confirmed to fox news that the president has in fact been briefed on the isis terror threat for more than a ye year. and fox's own catherine herridge is standing by with more. >> the former pentagon official told fox news that detailed and specific intelligence information was included in the president's daily brief, for at
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least a year before the group took large chunks of territory in june. the officials said that data was strong, adding a policy maker such as the president who often takes his brief electronically, could only conclude the situation was getting bad. today now neither the white house nor the pentagon denied the claim, emphasizing they were on top of the situation. >> we talked about isil for many months now, as i've said before, we were very closely monitoring and tracking their progress, their growth, their development well before they rolled in to mosul. this is not an organization we haven't been watching. >> on the purported execution of steven sotloff today, the intelligence community is analyzing the tape and the striking similarities of the execution posted on the web two weeks ago. the apparent execution of two americans at the hands of islamic extremists seems to give more credence to complaints from
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capitol hill that the president is too cautious. the state department was asked today whether it amounts to an act of war. >> i'm not going to put new labels on it. i think it's clear we are concerned about the threat of isil to western interests, to interests in the region. >> another hostage, a british citizen is shown at the end of the video. there's a warning to those that join any u.s.-led coalition, more executions are coming. >> past presidents have always gotten their daily briefing and they would usually ask questions about it, in your report, the official said that the data was strong and granular in detail for over a year now. but he never followed up, never asked any questions, never was briefed by anybody? >> the briefer typically comes away with more questions after
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they delivered the brief. more follow-up, my contact, the former pentagon official said he's speaking generally. generally not the case for this president, if there was follow on requests, what they call taskings in the intelligence community. >> thank you. appreciate it, and fox's own james rosen attended the state department briefing earlier today, he pressed jen psaki on whether this purported video qualifies as an act of war by isis. they wouldn't answer that question? >> there was an answer to some americans not satisfactory, there are reasons, good ones for americans to believe that we are in fact at war with the terrorist army known as isis, for one thing you just mentioned, they are beheading american citizens, for another, the defense department is conducting air strikes against the group in iraq. and the commander in chief has formerly reported to the congress about those air strikes under the terms of the war powers act. yet in my exchanges, at the
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daily press briefing today with jen psaki, she repeatedly declined to embrace that term at war. >> a lot of americans sit at home and they see americans who are not even combatants but who are journalists, being beheaded from this group overseas. and from a common sense point of view, the average american will say to himself, this group is at war with us, why does our president or secretary of state not recognize that and say, indeed, we are at war with this group and we will destroy them? >> i think first of all, james, our actions speak to our commitment to this. and the president has authorized more than 100 strikes in iraq. as have been confirmed by the department of defense. i think any american sitting at home should sit and look at the actions that we're taking. i don't think it's a useful exercise to go back and forth about new terms. what's important is what we're doing about it.
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and the president's authorization, what the secretary will be doing over the next couple weeks is action in that regard. >> jen psaki said this is not an overnight thing, it's a long term commitment, it is the mission to destroy and defeat isis. i asked if the president can assure the american people that mission will be completed -- >> amazing exchange. and the president said thursday there is no plan. also at this briefing today, they won't tell us how many americans are being held by isis? >> right, well, they may not actually have that information in concrete terms. understand, this is a nonstate actor, it's occupying territory in syria and iraq, that's somewhat remote at times. we don't have a firm grip on how many foreign fighters have led to this battlefield, syria and iraq, to go join the fight with isis, it's a fluid figure today.
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i don't think they know exactly how many americans isis is holding. >> we turn to fox's own ed henry, traveling with the president, he's in estonia tonight. ed? >> good to see you. the aren't president is making this stop here, is to send a signal to vladimir putin that the u.s. will stand up for key allies in europe. a sign that there are many crises the president is dealing with, putin has not been listening, still has been pushing forward, tanks, troops, ing into ukraine, another neighboring country here in eastern europe, the bottom line is, the president juggling all of this, no doubt on this trip given the fact that this video emerged of a second american journalist being beheaded and on katherine's reporting in terms of how long the president has known about this threat from isis, remember a key point in all of this, when she says that about a year ago this
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information about the threat was being put in his presidential daily brief by intelligence officials. one year ago, august 2013. the president was asked about terror groups like isis, and here's what he said. >> and so that requires us then to make sure that we have a strategy that is strengthening those partners, so they have their own capacity to deal with what are potentially manageable regional threats. >> the key part there, the president a year ago saying, we need to be putting together a strategy to deal with these extremists, these terrorists. no doubt when he has a news conference here in estonia tomorrow, he's likely to be asked by reporters about that statement last week, about how he still does not have a strategy to deal with isis militarily in syria, given the fact that a year ago, he said he was trying to put together a broader strategy, not specifically about syria number one. and number two, we'll get
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questions about the beheading of the second american journalist, bottom line is, u.s. officials tell us they're still trying to authenticate that video. the intelligence community as you can imagine, pouring through it for any details as can you imagine. >> what we have in the last five days emerging is the russian invasion into ukraine, putin saying they can take kiev in two weeks, we have islamists taking control of tripoli in libya, we have the beheading of an american journalist, the second one, the president saying last thursday, we don't have a strategy, but he told us that isis was the jv team and the tide of war is receding, is he getting a lot of heat when he's on the road with the press? >> well, he's getting heat from his own fellow democrats. remember what dianne feinstein said over the weekend, they're not the jv any more, they're the varsity folks, that's a sign that some senior people, the intelligence committee, chair woman in the senate giving him heat and saying, we have to step up the game clear was the
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message from her. i think when you ask about putin, something to keep an eye on is the big piece of this trip, one detail leaking already, is that they hope to have a deal where nato will have a rapid response team in europe that can respond to russian aggression. if nato's going to expand we're going to change our military strategy as well. putin said, he could take kiev in two weeks, the bottom line is, the president is trying to maneuver here on the world stage and deal with these threats, but some of the leaders around the world seem to be sort of shrugging it off. >> ed henry in estonia tonight, thank you, appreciate it. here with reaction to all of today's breaking news, regarding president obama's knowledge of the isis terror network. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is with us, i think the most damning bit of information, besides the horror and the
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outright evil that exists with isis itself is the fact that the president had been briefed in detail about all of this and asked no questions as past presidents have done. that was shocking to me, your reaction? >> it is shocking. the president has remarkably little curiosity about the world, seemingly unable to learn what works and what doesn't, what's necessary and what's not. one thing i have to say, that i -- my personal analysis on this, is that the reason he didn't want in person briefings because he just didn't want briefings at all. i'll take them electronically, that doesn't mean he read them. he probably at most skimmed through the parts that didn't interest him about islamist terrorists, et cetera, he was basically, in my view, utterly ignoring, throwing away the tremendously hard won inputs our
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intelligence community was trying to send to the white house. in his peculiar way he may be being honest when he says he didn't know, he wasn't warned, because he didn't read the books. >> well, that's his job, colonel. we all have jobs to do in life, and maybe there are days when you don't feel like doing your job, but that's his job, that's his foremost responsibility. look at where we are in the last five days, i was asking ed henry, you have russia, ukraine, kiev, the comment by putin, you have iz lastists taking tripoli, you have the beheading of another journalist, and a president that said thursday, which i don't think was wise at all, we don't have a strategy yet. >> and you have the chinese rolling over -- >> that too. >> you have -- everything, of course. he's clearly disengaged, you know, sean, you and i have talked about him for a long time in his lack of a strategy, and i've been wining to put it honestly, that he won't make a decision. i'm starting to feel like he can't make a decision.
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in a we have a president who has a real psychological problem. that he can't face responsibility. and certainly not the responsibilities of his office. but again, i mean, look at how -- he doesn't even want to be in the oval office, he wants to be on the road, at fund-raisers. we may have a president who is just incapable of rising to the challenges of the office. >> is it because of his radical indoctrination. i'm not trying to psycho analyze the president here, i live my life with a sense of urgency and purpose. i have to be on the air, i have to be prepared. i don't see that he has the urgency to be president. juxta pose everything that's happened with a picture of our secretary of state out kite surfaci surfacing. it's alarming at best, and more importantly, i don't know how the rest of the world is perceiving this. we have the king of saudi
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arabia, they're going to be in europe in a month, and america in two months. i argue there's a strong case to be made that they are already here. >> they are here. >> we will get hit again? >> inevitably, we will get hit again. the world thinks the greatest superpower in history is weak and indecisive and can't move and is afraid. they think we're afraid, they think the american people have turned into cowards, which we have not. but the president, he won't call the invasion of ukraine an invasion, because he said that putin, there are consequences of putin invading ukraine. we won't call the war against iz laxist terror a war, even though they do believe they're at war with us. fan at cal islam is at war with us, has been at war with us, and will be at war with us, even if
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we act decisively, it's going to go on beyond our lifetimes because of the utter collapse of middle eastern civilization. it's gone over the cliff. the world has disappointed him and he's turning his back on -- the world and on the people who elected him, on all of us. >> it's a pretty chilling analysis, colonel, thank you. appreciate your time tonight. we have a hannity exclusive tonight, unfiltered, phil robertson will be here for a rare in studio appearance, we'll ask him about the rise of radical islam around the world. but first, the video showing the beheading of steven sotloff. that and much more on a very sad and busy news night on hannity. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search...
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welcome back to hannity, when it comes to destroying the isis terror network, charles krauthammer says the u.s. will have to go it alone. >> the fight against isis is for our interests, not saudi arabia, the idea of inviting iran into iraq and into syria to fight against isis isn't exactly a happy prospect either. iran simply believes another branch of islamic radicalism is soon going to be nuclear, and you don't want them in charge of mesopatamia. we're going to have to act on our own with whatever allies we can assemble. >> here with more reaction is ryan crocker. welcome to the program. do you agree with dr.
10:18 pm
krauthammer. >> in large part i do. i certainly agree it would be a terrible mistake to create the impression that we were coordinating with the iranians and their radical she height allies in the fight against isis inside of iraq. that will simply drive the sunnis completely out of the political picture when we're working so hard to bring them back in to constitute a united iraqi front against the common enemy. >> let me ask you this, ambassador, i think this is important. syria, the president threw a red line in the sand. they crossed the red line, he did nothing. we watched city after city, you were there. americans shed their blood, their sweat, they gave their lives, 4,000 americans for cities that we now see isis has taken over once again. had we not won that war? and is the mistake that we didn't provide the intelligence and the training?
10:19 pm
the mistake politically that obama pulled them out, because he made a promise to? is that why we find ourselves in this position today? >> i think that's part of it, sean. when we were unable to negotiate a security agreement in 2010 and pulled our forces out the following year, we also disengaged politically by and large. there were no more senior visits by american cabinet ministers to iraq during 2007 and 2008. we just said, we're done. the hard truth is we're hard wired into the iraqi political system. it doesn't really work without us. we helped design it, they have had a long and horrible history under zam. they're not willing to compromise but they'll compromise with us. we weren't playing that role,
10:20 pm
and this is what we got. >> 4,000 americans that lost their lives. if you're a parent you lost your son or daughter. i mean, and you see that the cities that they fought and died in have now gone back on to isis, how would you characterize that? did they die for something worthwhile that we just gave back? if i was a parent i'd be pretty upset that we didn't finish the job that my son or daughter gave their life to. i'd be angry. >> we didn't finish the job. >> but we did win the war. >> we're not actually very good at finishing jobs. there's a famous saying, attributed to the taliban in afghanistan, you americans may have the watches but we have the time. >> let me show you -- >> we -- >> i'm not trying to cut you short here, the president has his vacations, the world is burning. he's in martha's vineyard while all this is happening in the
10:21 pm
middle east. obviously in gaza. and then we have our own secretary of state, he was kitesurfing in nantucket on labor day. good for him. what is your take on their foreign policy, and the president saying they had no strategy to deal with isis, but we were given all this information for a year. that's my final question. >> isis is not a mystery. it's a predecessor that we had to deal with, when i was there in '07, '08, '09 called al qaeda in iraq then. they wanted mosul then, we denied it to them. they just kept at it. so you don't really need complex intel briefs to figure out the landscape there. they've been very consistent in what they've been trying to do. and now they're succeeding, it is time for us to stand up as charles krausays, we had better lead this. we had better get after this, and get after it now. >> ambassador, thank you.
10:22 pm
appreciate it. coming up next tonight here on hannity. >> to confront the threat of islamist extremism, we need a tough intelligent patient and comprehensive approach to defeat the terrorist threat at its source. >> unlike our commander in chief, who admits he does not have a strategy to deal with isis, david cameron is taking a hardline when it comes to islamic extremists. that's next. and later, a hacker publishes nude photos of celebrities. and phil robertson joins us and phil robertson joins us straight ahead. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child
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welcome back to hannity, tonight isis continues its rampage all across the middle east. last week president obama revealed he has no plan to counter this terrorist organization. sadly our commander in chief could learn a thing or two from his counterpart across the pond. take a look at what david
10:25 pm
cameron had to say just yesterday. >> to confront the threat of islamic extremism, we need a tough, intelligent and patients approach to defeat the terrorist threat at our source. we must use our aid, diplomacy and military. we have taken a wide range of measures, including stopping suspects from traveling to the region by seizing passports, barring foreign nationals from re-entering the united kingdom. relegislating so we can prosecute all people for terror activity. >> here with reaction u.k. independence party leader nigel farra is with us. how are you? >> very well, thank you. >> some predict you may be the next prime minister? >> we've had a two party system for years. we're making some big breakthroughs, we won the european elections earlier this
10:26 pm
year, there's a little bit cooking. you frankly can't put a cigarette paper between the big issues. the problem we have as a country. 75% of our laws are now made in brussels by the european union. >> which is nuts. >> i want to take that back, be friendly with france and germany, but make our own laws in parliament. >> what do you think about what cameron has done with the crackdown of passports? >> he's following my lead. a few weeks ago, don't forget, we now have 500 to 1500 british/u.k. passport holders who are fighting in the ranks of isis, it's unbelievable. >> i thought it was 600. >> well, whatever -- >> it's a high number. >> we have americans too doing the same thing. >> it's coming from all over. >> the prime minister's first position was, he would take
10:27 pm
passports away from those he thought would go. i don't want those who have gone to become more radicalized, brutalized for what's going on, coming back into our country. his statement was carefully worded. he wants to stop them returning to the united kingdom, he's going to bank straight into the human rights, who will tell him we can't render people a's poss parts. i don't want them back in my country. >> last week i was trying to get one of my guests -- he says he's on team al qaeda, apparently supported the convert or die philosophy of isis. trying to be clever in not responding. >> eventually the world is going to wake up to -- and every radical islamist will be wiped off the face of the earth. >> i want -- >> you are radical and you want your religion or no religion. i don't want your sharia law and
10:28 pm
neither has nobody in great britain -- >> it's coming to a place -- >> you're threatening to come and get me, is that what you're saying? >> i say sharia. >> that's what you want, you want a worldwide islamic califate. >> of course we do. >> you want to rule the world. >> be promised by the message oc want. >> they're not playing around. we've had within the british
10:29 pm
establishment, as high up as the british kantcanterbury, maybe w should give in, allow sharia law to exist in some british cities. thank goodness that archbishop is gone. a lot of this is our own fault. we have been to -- we, my country is a judeo-christian -- >> look at france. >> well, the french have gotten a bigger problem than we have. we have to start standing up for our values. >> the australian prime minister? >> they've been very, very firm about this. >> very firm? >> very firm. >> you accept our way, our values or leave? >> that's right. and that's what we have to start doing, and america has to start doing it, all that's going on in iraq at the moment. what we -- our primary responsibility is to make sure it doesn't happen inside our countries and the schools, that's where you -- >> we have to learn. >> schools are a real problem the level of people in schools
10:30 pm
and prison too, and in all these public institutions, where people are radicalized and we can do something about that. >> i'm going to follow your career closely. appreciate it. coming up, intimate nude photos of hollywood a listers kate upton, jennifer lawrence have hit the internet after their accounts were hacked. what legal if any recourse do they have? we'll check in with our great great american panel. and later, phil robertson in studio for an exclusive interview. how we should combat the rise of radical islam and radical islam and anti-christianity and save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.d everybody knows that.
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10:36 pm
lawrence. their private photos some of them include them posing nude. the fbi is involved, investigating the incident and apple acknowledged that some celebrity accounts were hacked. here with reaction, the author of what women really want is with us. also with us, we have dr. gina louden. the co-host of the five, and television personality, we just had a baby boy, our good friend is with us. >> finally back in studio. >> boys love their mamas, that's for sure. >> what do women really want? >> what women really want, we have so sexualized this society, now sean, it's not -- this so called feminist movement of the 1970s, the old feminist movement wasn't about feminism at all, it was about the sexualization of women. that's basically what they've accomplished and hollywood has been their backup.
10:37 pm
>> here's the reality, say what you will, and i will say this, because kim and i are friends. people ask me about kim all the time, is she single? no, seriously. >> my girlfriend's in the hallway -- >> a picture with her. >> that does not happen to male anchors, it only happens -- seriously, i was at the convention with you last night, can i have a picture with kimberly? >> and it turns out you take good shots. >> yeah, i'm like a paid photographer. it's amazing. is that a bad thing? >> yeah, that's a bad thing. if they're thinking about her from the neck down, it's not what women want. >> no, they love her as a personality, and looks matter. don't you have to be attractive to somebody? >> it's not their fault, it's okay that they love her, she's beautiful, i love that, the problem is, the recent episode with beyonce with the word feminist across the back of her,
10:38 pm
we can't really expect for people to expect women. >> leah. >> all these girls are beautiful, right? and if you have something in between your ears like a brain, i think it's also okay to be beautiful. i'm not going to apologize for dressing up and wearing eyela eyelashes and getting hair and make-up done when i come on hannity, i want to look nice as well. i'm not that typical feminist where beyonce has fishnet stocks and claiming to be a feminist. i think it's atrocious. >> i feel horrible for these girls. >> they were private photos. i don't care whether they were taking selfies of themselves, it was their own private photos on their phones. >> it's horrible and we need a penalty for someone who does this. >> this will be forever. >> the fbi is investigating. there's a real need here to penalize this kind of criminal
10:39 pm
conduct. you have an expectation and a right to privacy. if they took these photos of themselves for whatever purpose. that's their right, that's their business. i personally don't have any photos like that, and won't take any photos like that. >> because something like that could happen. >> photo shop a head on top. >> you just totally broke people's hearts. >> look in the mirror or show your friend. >> i promise you there are pictures like that of me. >> there are? >> when i was 1, but that's it. >> i have photos of my son, and i said, hey, these are going to be your wedding photos, i'll embarrass you when you're old enough to get married. >> i think this is devastating for these women, it's unfair, and i want the people who did it to get a lot of time in jail. >> i hope they get a lot of time in jail too. there's a huge psychological component here for the young girls who are watching this,
10:40 pm
don't think for a moment that your sons aren't some day going to have pretty quick access to these kinds o the that have become so exciting to people, that they're going to pay mass amounts of money for them, that's where all the temptation comes in. thank you, sean, to the 1970s old feminists, they have done this to our culture. and it never had anything to do with dignity. >> leah, do you agree with that? >> i have no problem with the woman dressing up, feeling good about herself, i don't feel like i have to dumb it down in terms of a physical way, i can do whatever i like, my teachers love me, because i have a 4.0, graduated with honors and had perfect attendance. >> amen. >> so basically -- >> it is what it is. it can change. >> i'm not going to apologize for wearing heels and make-up, i have something to say, and i'm smart. >> if i did, i would apologize for that. >> you shouldn't have to apologize. >> right. >> they shouldn't be worried about what exactly you look like that day. they should be listening to what you think, and i think if they would focus on things like
10:41 pm
freedom and things like culture and things like true choice, then we would be in a much better place. >> good to see you all. good luck with the baby, thank you k.g. doctor, thanks on the book. the patriarch of duck dynasty and that family. i'll ask phil robertson what he thinks about the rise of islam. you know what, he never holds back, must see ingt view coming back, must see ingt view coming up next. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. and she gave me advice. she said, "dad, go pro with crest pro-health." [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health. immediately, i felt a difference. it did an extremely good job of cleaning. [ male announcer ] crest pro-health protects all these areas dentists check most.
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♪ welcome back to hannity, new video surfaced earlier today, showing the brutal execution of steven sotloff by isis terrorists, this comes two weeks after the radical islamic group posted a similar video documenting the beheading of james foley. how should america deal with the simultaneous rise of islamist terrorists around the world and ant anti-christian. author of the book "the way i see it". >> you don't leave home without
10:47 pm
it? you brought your bible with you. >> i never leave home without my bible and my woman. >> that's good advice. you never leave home without it? you dedicated this -- your book to miss k which i thought was really nice. i wrote a book once, deliver us from evil. i think good people have a hard concept understanding evil. that book talks about evil you have there. the lord's prayer says deliver us from evil. anyone who could cut off someone's head, and put children's heads on our stakes. isn't that evil in our time? >> biblically speaking two groups of people, the children of got and the whole world is under the control of the evil one. that's first john 5:19. the evil one works in those who
10:48 pm
are disobedient. galations 3 they are prisoners of sin. second timothy 2, the bible says they've been taken captive by satan to do his will. listen, let me show you one. i've got the old -- hey, america, declaration of independence, it's my book marker, don't forget that. listen to this, sean. solomon, one of the wisest men on earth if not the wisest, he's speaking of wisdom, whoever finds me, wisdom finds light. watch and receives favor from the lord. but whoever fails to find me, this is the god of the bible, harms himself, now, listen to this on this isis thing, all who hate me love death. so you scratch your head and you say, well, why is it that when
10:49 pm
we're not even over there in the middle east, why do they continue to slaughter each other, when we're not even on the premises? they can't believe us, we left iraq. you said what happened in egypt and syria, libya. they just slaughter each other. you say, what? all who hate me love death, sean. >> what is the answer? i think the only answer is, they are at war with us. >> yep. >> whether we like it or not, i think most people would rather live in peace. most americans, just leave us alone, we'll leave you alone. they're not going to leave us alone, they're not going to leave israel alone. that leaves us with two options, do nothing, and get ready for the next attack. and we'll have a report that says, they're at war with us, we weren't at war with them. >> in this case you either have to convert them, which i think would be next to impossible. i'm not giving up on them, but i'm saying, either convert them
10:50 pm
or kill them. one or the other. >> that's going -- >> maybe that time has come and gone, so i think that with this ideology that >> this one, it's not an army, we line up and do battle with a certain amount of rules they violate. but you say this is more like world wide gang warfare, but this gang is well armed and well organized. i think, my opinion is this group way more harshly than we have up until this point. >> because they're harsh. i know people are looking to jump on you and say, convert them or kill them. and they're going to say, i know
10:51 pm
they how act. >> i'd rather have a bible study with all of them and point them to jesus christ, the author and perfecter of having your sins removed and being raised from the dead i would rather preach the gospel of jesus to them, however, if it's a gun fight, if that is what they're looking for, me, personally i'm prepared for either one. >> let me ask you about the book "unfiltered" the way you see it. you talk about political correctness, life styles, and you know, people view, some people view you as controversial. i see you as a minister, that is your calling. why do you think people view you as controversial? i see you coming from a religious point of view. >> jesus came to the earth, he never made a mistake for crying
10:52 pm
out loud. not one mistake. and he would convict people of their sins and he said they hated me and it was predicted from prophets, without reason. they told all of us, like they hated me, they will hate you, also they will hate you, he said, when that comes and they exclude you, when they insult you, and when they reject your name as evil because of me, jesus said listen rejoice. be happy. because great is your reward in heaven. people fail to understand coughing up sin and confessing it and giving it to the only one that can remove it for crying outloud. we're all sinners. america, all of us have sinned some people want to 0 in on sexual sins. look. it's all season whether lie, steal, rob, whether you rape,
10:53 pm
look. it's just all sin. one little white lie does you in as fast as being sexually immoral. >> if miss day wears you something you don't like, she asks you, you're going to tell her the truth? >> yes. >> good luck to you. >> when i was 28 i had to cough up my sins up until that time, the last thing i wanted to hear was resurrection of jesus. i saw a preacher coming, i ran the other way. i hated people like me because i had to come to a reckoning with the god of creation, the one who made me. coughing up my sin was not fun. i was immoral. i got drunk, i got high. >> you don't care if your show is a success you don't care. when you were out nine days, you didn't care. >> always remember this. television, fame, money, listen,
10:54 pm
here is a news flash for america. fame cannot remove your sins. and all of the money you ever amass cannot raise you from the dead and contrary to what obama has said about obamacare, it's not going to keep you out of the ground, dude, and not only that, you're going to spend a lot of money to have it. i'm giving the american people eternal health care and it's free. that is the way i see it. >> see you, dude. >> appreciate it. more "hannity", right after the break. musical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline,
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